Bravo 7X16 Aluminum Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer

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Bravo 7X16 Aluminum Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer

$11,950.00 $9,250.00

Short Description

2018 Bravo Star Aluminum Snowmobile Trailer 7×21

VHB fastenerless exterior
•  .030 aluminum exterior
•  Seamless aluminum roof
• TPO front cap
•  Stainless steel exterior fasteners
• Dexter drop spring axles
•  Electric brakes
• Radial tires, silver mod style wheels
•  Aluminum fenders
• 5″ double hollow tube
•  Exterior clear lenses LED DOT lighting
• (2) LED interior dome lights w/ switch
• Front (64″) and rear ramp doors with spring
• Aluminum 2-way sidewall vents ILO standard
• 60″ V-nose
• 3/4″ Drymax ?ooring
• 3/4″ x 12″ drymax kickplate
• 24″ ATP stoneguard
• 32″ side door with ?ush lock
• Bravo BIG 10 5

Star Aluminum trailers maintain all the commercial grade “Bravo BIG 10” features you have come to expect from us, tube frames, reinforced a-frames and rear cross members, protected wiring, sealed floors, roof flashing and much more. All Star aluminum trailers come standard with the usual Star features plus 3M VHB exterior metal, aluminum bar locks, LED interior & exterior lighting, stainless steel fasteners and our best in industry workmanship.   We are not building cheap throw away aluminum trailers but true commercial quality trailers that will last a lifetime.


All prices are plus tax, plating and the O.T. S. F.

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