If you don’t find a suitable trailer from our cargo trailer inventory to meet your specific needs, contact us about custom trailers. At First Place Trailers, we can customize any trailer or custom-build one to meet your special requirements. Below are just a few of the custom trailers we have done, including:

  • Vending Trailers
  • BBQ Trailers
  • Race Trailers
  • Cable Splicing Trailers
  • Snow Cross Trailers
  • Motocross Trailers
  • Mobile Command Centres
  • Hybrid Trailers

Custom trailers are our specialty. Simply provide us with the specifications, and we’ll handle the trailer customization from concept to delivery. We also offer full CAD service engineering, and all work is performed by Licensed MTO Technicians. In addition, our shop in Brighton, Ontario keeps a complete inventory of parts and accessories for all types of trailers, including Enclosed Cargo Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, ATV and Snowmobile Trailers, Landscape and Utility Trailers and Dump Trailers. Don’t know which cargo trailer is the best for your needs? Click here for “A Guide to Selecting Cargo Trailers in Ontario” to find out or simply call us and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Contact us today at 613-475-5995 for your custom trailer needs